Lisbon Challenge is Beta-i’s acceleration program focused on the people behind the startup. Over the course of 10 weeks we challenge your assumptions to uncover your true superpower.

We’re bringing a new dimension to LC. Accelerating not only your startup, but also people. Our methodology is focused on growing your business and also in preparing you to transform difficulties into learnings and to see problems as opportunities.

What we are looking for – “ the ideal team”:

  • Ideally 2nd-time founders
  • Relevant professional experience in the industry they are targeting
  • From MVP to working MVP that already has some form of validation from clients
  • Tech startup ( no hardware nor biotech)
  • Tech founder or member of the team
  • Completely committed with the company
  • Coachable

Lisbon Challenge is back! Revamped and full of energy, accelerating not only startups, but also people behind them!

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